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Happy Thanksgiving/Steam Sale!

However you celebrate we hope you have a happy weekend! Also be sure to check out Steam (
and our store page) for all of the sales going on this weekend

Music for our next game:
We have just signed a licensing agreement with The Adarna for "Superman" the main track for our next game (title forthcoming). This Seattle rock band is the originator of the term "Jet City Rock" and are veterins of 5 national tours. Not only that, but they are super nice and have been really easy to work with to make this happen. Check them out if you want to hear the track before we release our first advert, and stay tuned here or on social media for more info on the next game. 

Set Release Date for Steamalot
That's right we've been approved. Bug fixes and enhancements have been made for Steam. Cards, emotes, badges, backgrounds, achievements have all been added. This baby that has been bubbling for the last 2-ish years is ready to hit Steam! Check it out at this link and see what some friends and zero marketing budget can do for a commercial. Heck, add us to your wish list and help make our wishes come true. :-D

We're Greenlit Baby!
We have been approved through Steam Greenlight for distribution on Steam. This is our first title to arrive on Steam and we are excited to be there. We've run out of words to use besides "excited", nevertheless we are stoked for this awesome news..... :-D Over the next few months we are going to get Steamalot ready to go for Steam. We will will announce a for sure release date for Steam as soon as we are able. 

Indies from the MIddle Showcase
What else is going on besides Indie DB Indie of the year voting? How about getting featured in the Indies From the Middle showcase this weekend at the Smithsonian American Art Museum!? Sunday December 7th we'll be down in DC showing Steamalot next to some amazing fellow devs from Philly, Baltimore, and D.C.

NYCC and the Release
By the Phoenix 10/23/2014
  Steamalot released and NYCC was amazing this year! We got some excellent press, and some new fans. We were really happy to see so many people playing the game. Next up we are submitting Steamalot to game festivals and going for Greenlight. Be sure to vote if you haven't yet. 

 “completely addictive game that is totally fun and absolutely accessible.”

“what Steamalot does so well is that it takes the old and tired and gives it a refreshing facelift”

~Timothy Carson, Bleeding Cool


“The one thing I have a huge soft spot in my heart for is indie gaming, and that is what these guys do best!”

~David Valle, Bad Coyote Funky


“Once in a while games will come along attempting to combine genres and concepts in fresh and interesting ways. Combining turn-based tactical strategy gameplay with a collectible card game [Steamalot] is one such clever combination.”

~Indie Haven

Steamalot: The Complete Version!!
By the Phoenix  10/9/2014
  Today is the day! Steamalot: Epoch's Journey is releasing for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android today. You can now play anyone on just about any device. Chat with your opponents, and find random challengers. We have boosted the end level decks and added a few other tweaks to make the game a bit more challenging in hard mode too. We really hope you enjoy the game! Follow us @RisenPhx for NYCC '14 live updates. 

New York Comic Con!
By the Phoenix 10/07/2014
  The Risen Phoenix team is headed out to New York Comicon tomorrow to set up the booth and prepare for the final release ofSteamalot: Epoch's Journey. We will be at space #236 demoing pvp and offering freebies to those who play and/or win at pvp. We will be doing a raffle for another Risen Phoenix Sword (full size!), and selling physical copies of Steamalot that include a digital art book, a stylus pen, and signed art print. We hope to see you there and if you can't make it, Steamalot will still be on our store, the Humble Store, Desura, The App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. 

Final Release
By the Phoenix 9/22/2014
 The Date is set and the features are in! The final build of Steamalot: Epoch's Journey will release on October 9th. This version will include card sell back and cross platform PvP. We will of course have updates for any major issues, and if everyone shows their support we have extras planned for the future. Keep your eyes open on the morning of the 9th for updates on all platforms. 
  If you are going to be joining us at NYCC 2014 then stop by our booth at #236 to say hello and pick up a special version of the Steamalot we are having made up for the con. 

GenCon and Mobile PvP
By the Phoenix 7/17/2014
  Both events are hotly anticipated at the office. PvP for mobile has a lot of updates to what initial came out for PC/Mac. Better friend requesting, status indicators, removing challenges, and so on. We fixed some bugs AND we are adding more animations and particle effects! So big happy changes all around. 
  Gen Con Indy! The largest table top gaming conference in the world! As gamers we are excited for our first trip to this conference. As developers we are freaking ecstatic to be going. Steamalot is digital, but its based on table top games. With how well it plays on a tablet we are excited to have people play at GenCon. We will be there the whole time with just 2 of our 4 person team. What we lack in people power, we will try to make up for in spirit....and steam. We look forward to meeting everyone there. 

Its LIVE!!! PvP is here!
By the Phoenix 6/17/2014
   That's the gist of it. V2.0 with PvP is now live in our store and will be live on Desura and the Humble Store later today. The price will remain $4.99 for a few hours just because we love ya. After that the game goes to $9.99 because we like having the lights on. There are a slew of bug fixes and UI tweaks. A whole different aspect of Steamalot is opening up with PvP. Grab a frenemy and challenge them to a battle. 

*Any one that purchased Steamalot from our Store should have gotten an update email for v2.0. We had to patch the game right after it came out, so if you are having any UI Graphics issues, please let us know!* 

PVP the 1st version
By the Phoenix 6/16/2014
  We finished testing today and will have a version of PvP out for Mac and PC out as soon as we make a new build and put it in all of the online stores! So much excite! Ths version includes a slew of bug fixes, some UI changes, and of course PvP. PvP in this will be 1on1 in single continuous matches. So you have to finish what you start. We wil be adding more features to PvP in the coming months, but we have been playing our buns off and we're pretty confident that this will will ya'll occupied for at least a ltittle bit. Mobile is coming in about 2 weeks, so don't depair. 

  We have also set up forums for Steamalot through our Indie DB page. This is a great place to look for answers from us and other users. We know we can't think of all of the questions people will have so we are making sure you have an open place to poke and prod us. 

Post Phoenix Comicon
By the Phoenix 6/10/2014
  What an awesome show! It makes sense for Risen Phoenix to go to Phoenix, or so we thought, and we thought rightly. We had a great time there showing off Steamalot and seeing some terrific cosplays. The enthusiastic yeses and kind feed back are fuel for the fire. We are testing PvP right now and trying our darndest to get the first version out the door for everyone to try. In the meantime we have posted and will post more videos on our YouTube Channel. We are also starting concept art work on expansion packs, and we got onto the Humble Bundle Store. Turn by turn we're building steam. We hope people continute to enjoy the game while we keep working on it. 

V1.1.1 Is coming/Here
By The Phoenix 4/29/2014
  We have a patch ready for the single player version of Steamalot: Epoch's Journey. It will go live on the main store within few hours of this post and on Desura and The Humble Widget within a few days. Check the game description in each to see if it says v1.1.1. The mobile update should be coming out about a week after this post. We'l be all over media if you are unsure if v1.1.1 is live. 
  Here's what is getting changed:
  • State specific buttons on the battle board
  • Sprite facing on the game board
  • Filters for the deck builder
  • Changed the progress of cards as they level, cards now get their bonus skills at level 4. 
  • The commander selection has a stat preview and no more ID numbers
  • Preview stats for Item and Skill cards in the battle screen
  • Extended the amount a card is jogged out when selecting it in your hand.
  • Removed card hand icon for the enemy.
  • Shrank the player deck icon and made an end turn button
  • Increased the stat sheet size on the game board
  • Re-sized and aligned UI elements, changed font color on some menus, general nit-picking.
  • Tweaked pop-up messages
  • Made the tutorial ever present.
  • Expanded the tutorial slightly
  • Fixed the possibility to select two cards in your hand at the same time.
  • You can no longer use cognition on cognated cards. 
  • Fortify can no longer be used in an infinite undo loop to make a golden being of impenetrable armor. 

*Update 4/29/2014 7:45EST  v1.1.1 is now live on our store only*
*Update 5/7/2014 its v1.1.2 now (last minute update) It is now live on Desura, the Humble Widget, our site and iOS! *

Humble Widget is here!
By the Phoenix 4/22/2014
  We have a Humble Bundle Widget. Now you can buy Steamalot via the Humbles. Like buying directly from our site it will be DRM free. Through Humble a portion of the proceeds go to charity and when it becomes available, the PvP, and card trading updates will also be there. 

Its all out there
By the Phoenix 4/10/2014
  Steamalot Released at the end of last week on Desura. It's been getting a lot of views and we hope that everyone gets a chance to check it out while its still on sale. We're also in Boston this week for PAX East 2014. We will be showing off Steamalot live along with the soon-to-be released PvP for people who stop by #1083. 
  You can now get Steamalot on just about anything. iOS, Android, PC & Mac. 

Mobile is live!!!
By the Phoenix 3.24.2014
 That's right, our medieval steampunk tactical trading card game, Steamalot, is now on iOS and Android. Free to play and lots of fun! We are so excited to be moving forward towards PvP and to also being released on the Humble Store as well as Desura. 

1.1 Update and Mobile Submissions
By the Phoenix 3/14/2014
  Version 1.1 of Steamalot is live in our store. Some bug fixes have been made and "right click to attack" was added for simple attacking with your characters. That build has also been submitted to the Humble Store and Desura. They will be available soon there too! So many ways to get into the game. 
  Soon there will be even more options for playing Steamalot as we have submitted to the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. We anticipate being out in those stores in a week or so and will let EVERYONE know when that's available.  

By the Phoenix 2/18/2014
  On the night of February 18th 2014 the very first version of Steamalot: Epoch's Journey went live on our website store. This is the first in a series of tiered releases. It means that the multiplayer and trading portions of the game aren't in yet BUT the card leveling, card creation, deck building, and 42 levels of storyline play are in and ready to go!  Lest I forget there are also to difficulty modes which means you have double the opportunities to get rewards from the game. 
  The tier one launch price is $4.99. Once the second tier with private PvP comes out the game will go to $9.99. Then, finally, with public PvP and card trading the game will go to $14.99. So get in on the ground floor and never have to pay more for the game!
  For our mobile family; we haven't forgotten about you. The iOS version will be submitted for review in a few days leaving us about 2 weeks out for the App version of the game. The Android version should be available around the same time, possibly a bit earlier.

Happy New Year!
By the Phoenix, 1/2/2014
  Welcome to the new year everyone! We tried but did not quite make our final goal of having Steamalot done by the end of 2013. We are instead polishing the game a bit more, adding some extra touches and getting ready to submit the game for publishing in the middle of this month. We hit a snag with iOS and Desura both being closed for the holidays, so we decided just to wait and continue to work on the game. You can still download a demo from the game page linked above. 
  We were also recently interviewed in a podcast from GeekEccentric. We had a great time talking to Dave about the studio, Go Go Galago, and Steamalot. Its a fun little insight into why we're crazily making games.  

Beta Demo v0.1.5:
By the Phoenix, 12/20/2013
A new version of the Steamalot Beta Demo is up on the Steamalot: EJ page. The download is free and we would like to have as many people try it out as possible. Check it out and share with your friends! How did it go from 0.1 to 0.1.5 without releases in between? The releases went so fast and had so many fixed that we didn't have time to post them to the public. 
We are wrapping up single player development these last few weeks of December and the multiplayer server is showing excellent progress. Things are very tight right now and we are doing our darndest to get Steamalot to out for everyone to enjoy. 

New Videos Are Up
By the Phoenix 12/8/2013
  There are two new videos up in the media section. One is from NYCC 2013, with the team being interviewed by the Gamer's Hub. There is also a background video for part of the history of Steamalot. View them here.

D-d-Demo Build!
By the Phoenix 11/28/2013
  That's right, we did it! Well, we're a good portion of the way there. We want you to play the combat portion of the game, and that's what's in the demo on the Steamalot page. Download it, let us know what you think on Facebook, by emailing us, or even voting for it on Steam

Game Summary Video for Steamalot:
By the Phoenix 11/25/2103
  The first of a series of videos introducing players to Steamalot: Epoch's Journey is up in the video section and on You Tube. Check it out to see how the game works and stay tuned for more videos and for the first public playable demo. 

New Trailer
By the Phoenix 11/14/2013
  We have  a new trailer up for Steamalot: Epoch's Journey. Watch it HERE.

Philly Game Forge Showcase
By the Phoenix 11/11/2013
  This Friday 11/15/2013 We will be at Cipher Prime's Studio/game co-working space for the first showcase night. Anyone it the area is welcome to come by. We will be there with the latest build of Steamalot along with a ton of other local developers. We hope everyone who can make it will. Check out the Eventbrite linke if you're considering going.

The Cards are Coming!
By the Phoenix 10/27/2013
  The Steamlot page now has a partial catalog listing of the cards that will be in the final version of the game. We will be adding to the list and including descriptions as well as art for the cards soon. Promo card images from the printed giveaways we did are now also in the NYCC and Steamalot picture galleries in the media section. 

Post NYCC 2013 Review and Exhale
By the Phoenix  10/12/2013

  Wow! What an exciting weekend. We cannot emphasize how much fun we had at our booth. We meet tons of chill professionals, some really slick looking cosplayers, and new fans of all kinds that we cannot thank enough for playing the game. Your enthusiasim means the world to us and we are back at work gunning to get this game ready for you all. We will be posting progress updates every week or so, so check back often. Pictures are up on facebook and in our media section of the conference. If you don't see yours it was either blurry, or we haven't taken it off of everyone's device yet. 
 In other news we are in the middle of the process of applying for Steam Greanlight. We will be using a fresh new game play video so we can put our best alpha forward.  If you have any comments feel free to contact us via our contact link or facebook. 

We have a WINNER!
By the Phoenix 10/4/2013
  It was been a couple of days since the drawing for helping support the new Steamalot Facebook page. Drew Felder was our winner and is receiving a Saturday pass to New York Comicon. We are really excited for him and can't wait to get out there and see all the awesome costumes and presentations. There is going to be a panel on Steampunk influences in contemporary movie making. It should go right along with Steamalot! 

One Day Left to Win a NYCC Saturday Pass
By the Phoenix 9/30/2013

  We have been running a little contest for Steamalot: Epoch's Journey. All you have to do is "like"Steamalot: Epoch's Journey on Facebook before 11:59pm on September 30th, and that automatically enters you to win a sold out Saturday pass for New York ComiCon. We Hope to see everyone at NYCC and if not we will still keep posting updates here and on Facebook as we progress on Steamalot's development. We have gotten a bunch of new likes since this started and we are very greatful to our new followers. 

The AWF Scarf is Live!
By the Phoenix 9/25/2013
The title says it fairly well. The AWF scarf, which we produced with permission from the African Wildlife Foundation, is now in Go Go Galago. A portion of the proceeds of this $1.99 scarf ($1) go directly to the African Wildlife Foundation and to helping with their conservation efforts.  The AWF is a 501(c) and the $1 that goes to them is tax deductible. 
  Buster wears the scarf in the game and it automatically comes with an upgrade that helps him in the game. And yes, you can buy the scarf multiple times if you want to continue helping him in the game and in real life.

This last week we also announced our next game, Steamalot: Epoch's Journey. This is a tactical trading card game that will be on iOS, Android, and later PC. You can check it out in the games section and onFacebook. More content will be added to those pages throughout development.

The Best Kind of News:
By the Phoenix 7/18/2013

Hey everyone we have a really exciting announcement! We just finalized an agreement with the African Wildlife Foundation to feature a wearable scarf in Go Go Galago bearing the AWF logo. This scarf will be included in the next update and be available as an in app-purchase. $1 from each $2 AWF scarf will go to the AWF to help fund conservation projects in Africa. We are REALLY excited about this and hope you will join us in supporting this charity. As an added bonus every AWF scarf is guaranteed to come with an upgrade for Buster, instead of the 1-in-4 chance normal scarves have. 
We will have more updates as we get closer to the release of the AWF scarf.  

By the Phoenix 7/15/2013
The V1.3 update was approved and went live at the end of last week. We are very happy that now everyone has access to the final version of the game that we working on. We will still be adding a more robust high scores/achievements feature along with some bug fixes and seasonal scarves. Overall though, this the look of the game that we wanted to put out. We hope you check out Go Go Galago. It is free to play, and you might actually learn a little about Buster the Bush Baby. 

V 1.3 Update
 By the Phoenix 7/8/2013
Hello Everyone! v1.3 has been out on Android for about 2 weeks, but we have been having some issues with getting this up on the iOS App Store. We have made all of the changes Apple has asked for and with a little luck the update should go live in a day or two. Thanks for hanging in there and for playing. 

Update Time!
By the Phoenix 6-14-2013
We are in the process of submitting all of our updates to the App Store, Amazon Android App Store, and Google Play. This update contains quite a few changes:
  • New cut scenes and tutorial images
  • Narration
  • A new orb store for monitized and non-monitized purchases
  • Wearable scarves
  • Free orbs for people with previous versions of the game installed on their device
  • Re-balanced mechanics 
  • High scores for every level and endless mode