Thank you for visiting the Risen Phoenix Studios website. We are a small indie game studio based in Doylestown, PA just north of Philadelphia. Check out our first title Go Go Galago, a mobile tilt and tap game for kids. We have released our tactical card game, Steamalot: Epoch's Journey on Steam, iOS and Android. Check the Games page for more info. Drop us a line and say hello on Facebook and Twitter, and we'll keep you updated on there as well.

New Announcement about music for our next game in the NEWS section!
Steamalot: Epoch's Journey is on Sale for the Steam Holiday Sale!
 We are so proud to have released Steamalot: Epoch's Journey on Steam. Clicking the image will take you straight to the Steam page.

 “completely addictive game that is totally fun and absolutely accessible.”

“what Steamalot does so well is that it takes the old and tired and gives it a refreshing facelift”

~Timothy Carson, Bleeding Cool


“The one thing I have a huge soft spot in my heart for is indie gaming, and that is what these guys do best!”

~David Valle, Bad Coyote Funky


“Once in a while games will come along attempting to combine genres and concepts in fresh and interesting ways. Combining turn-based tactical strategy gameplay with a collectible card game [Steamalot] is one such clever combination.”

~Indie Haven

"it’s a solid tactical game for five bucks."

~Diehard GameFan

GeekEccentric Interview.